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Voodoo Rockfest is a grass roots Indie Rock showcase that was created from my passion for ROCK music. I'm just a regular guy that plays drums and loves music. People need to know there is still great music being created everyday. Voodoo provides a stepping stone for amazing rock bands to get noticed, play to a larger crowd and hopefully get to the next level. 


Voodoo isn't a corporate run festival run off grants in hopes to line the pockets of business people. It's my attempt at rectifying the things I hate at festivals like $15 beers, $6 bottles of water, shitty beers, music line ups with no flow, line ups to port a johns,outageous ticket costs, stages where our future rock enthusiasts can't get to the front of, crappy food and lame music or standing in a parking lot watching a show being unconfortable. 

I hope when people leave Voodoo Rockfest they become fans of bands they have never heard, they tell their friends what a great time they had, how fun the atmosphere was and how it didn't break the bank to spend a weekend at our festival. If these things happen I feel like I did my job and my part to keep Rock N' Roll alive and well.

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